Add a property name for google home integration

When integrating ha with google home (via Nabu casa), all the devices in the google home app will get the name from the customize friendly name.
This behavior is usually great unless your HA is using another language that isn’t supported by the google home.
In my case, all the friendly names are in Hebrew, so after the integration, I have to manually go one by one in the google home to change the name to English one.
(I have 57 lights… so it takes a lot of times).
I think adding another property like google home friendly name which will be passed to the google home will be great (if the property does not exists just use the same strategy as today, to make it optional).
Also, have one more property for the google home room (if it’s possible by the google home), will be great.


You can actually do this by using the entity config of google assistan component:

@Wonkavator Thanks, that’s awesome, I didn’t know this.
Can I use all of this even if I use the cloud solution (Nabu casa)?

not sure about that, as I don’t use the cloud solution. But when I had the trial version, I was able to. Let me know if its possible. Might be helpful for others.