Add ability to restore from backups on HA Core

2022.4 added backups to HA Core (and HA Docker I think), but there’s no feature to do anything with the backup. We should be able to restore our HA install to the point at which we took the snapshot.

This would be very useful for backing out changes.

I’d like to see an “are your sure” box with an option to take a backup before executing the restore so whatever went wrong can be investigated later, or so the restore itself could be undone if need be.

I understand one could easily press backup before restoring, but when things go wrong and you’re under the pump it’s nice to have little hints.

There also need to be considerations about whether a previous backup can be restored to the running version of Home Assistant (as there are breaking changes between versions).

It never occured to me that there would be a “backup” feature with no means to restore. Kinda silly. Now I have a long road ahead of me to do a manual recovery. Lesson learned.

Same here but as it is now I am not sure how useful the backup function is.

I can download it but have no way to upload and/or restore an existing backup in-place. I’d need to take to store the backups externally in the first place, and before a recovery manually restore one backup.

What I’d love to see is:

  1. Have the possibility to restore from an existing backup.
  2. Upload an existing backup.
  3. Expose these as HTTP APIs - currently, as far as i can tell, only the download API exists: core/ at dafc7a15b191fa4f4d4d7d16ca047b10bad5be39 · home-assistant/core · GitHub
  4. Have the possibility to set a custom slug for the backup.