Add another One wire device (DS2408)

I would appreciate if Maxim DS2408 will be added as supported device. It’s a great device for One wire.
It’s a:

1-Wire 8-Channel Addressable Switch

Today HA already supports DS2406 (Dual Addressable Switch Plus 1Kb Memory). So, I suppose it’s not too hard to add support for DS2408 :wink:

Data sheet for DS2408:
Maxim DS2408

How? Is there a component or platform?
I use the DS18b20 on some of my ESP8266 devices around the house and interface them to Home Assistant through the MQTT platform, but I can’t imagine how Home Assistant alone can support a one-wire net device.

Well, it’s a chip (component).
HA already support several Maxim One wire component devices:

One wire devices (

Supported devices: * DS18B20, * DS18S20, * DS1822, * DS1825, DS28EA00, DS2406/TAI-8570, DS2438/B1-R1-A

Well, you need to add these according to the instructions.

But, you need something to connect the one-wire device to Home Assistant. The instructions in the link to the platform requires a Raspberry Pi. Presumed to be the one running Home Assistant. That’s fine if the one-wire device is located near the Raspberry Pi running Home Assistant, but if you want temperatures from various locations around the property, you either have to run a lot of wires to the sensors or simply use ESP8266 devices (or Raspberry Pi boards) to send temperature data over MQTT.

What am I missing?

Check out this pull request: