Add Color Picker - LGPL Requirements

Hey guys,

I would like to change the color picker to the one at:

There has already been a first - working - version by mxtra that was never finished.

This polymer color picker is not under active development. With the changes made to home assistant in the last few months, the component can not just be added as a bower dependency.
For ease of implementation I would like to just move the component to the home assistant code base and adapt it to fit our environment.

What do we / I have to consider regarding LGPL licensing when doing as described?

I would be thankful if one of you could help out here.



I was just posting this to the feature requests and then stumbled upon this.

But the picker you posted (tried the demo) doesn’t work in chrome (MS edge everything ok)

Currently HA has a pretty uncovinient colour picker. Picking a colour from a mobile phone can take several attempts.
So maybe a more touch friendly one can be introduced? Like below