Add Elna to Home Assistant?

Hi! Eon has released a dongel for reading power consumption. The dongel is called Elna and you can get it for free (if you a costumer). Is it possible to integrate the dongel to Home Assistant?


Just ordered mine. It would be for to have an integration. Eon app is sluggish and also I’ve got everything in Homeassistant from my heart rate to my network dns adblock. So having realtime power statistics would be neat. I’m trying Greenely integration, they get my Eon data, but it is always two days behind and also I didn’t manage to get any meaningful data from the hourly consumption entity (works well in Greenely app.

I’m unfortunately quite skeptical about the Elna device, it may be most likely proprietary thing for Eon.

Once I get mine, I’ll try to figure out what it actually is and if maybe it is something rebranded.

Actually what does Eon mean with this sentence?

0kr, but only to the value of 1095kr

Kostnad: 0 kr men till ett värde av 1 095 kr
Will it be free?

My Elna arrived today, it seems to work fine as such (in their app) and it’s sort of detected in HA as “Pure Energie Meter”, but then configuration fails. So perhaps it’s based on that thing, but needs some additional config? Any suggestions?

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That is good news! I just hope they didn’t lock the device in some way (API access, etc).
I will investigate more when mine arrives. Hopefully monday, 2-4 business days stated when ordering didn’t work this time :slight_smile:

Found this:

“The product of Pure Energie is a white label product of Net2Grid, other white label products may be found by zeroconf and work with this integration.”

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Seems really to be a locked device.

Too bad. I bought a device thats talk over mqtt

How is the wifi connection in real life? Eon dongle can surprisingly get little bit signal.

So the dongle has port 80 open, seems to be listening for some sort of HTTP request. Anyone if net2grid has some sort of API?

The signal is weak but it works. No problem so far.

Guess what… EON most likely opened Elna! I’m getting 3 entities! So far I’ve checked out Power flow.

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You are in luck!
I got the Pure Energy meter and Error message regarding communication! Did you do anything special during the configuration?

Nothing special. Installed, tried, uninstalled several times
Than gave up. Today it apparently started working by itself in the afternoon.

For sure device update. It has API accessible now. When you open the device IP in browser, you get this:


(I’ve removed identifying ID and batch number).

So if we can get hands on the API spec, we can get much more data I guess.

For now I get entities with current consumption, total usage (lifetime??) and current production.

The browser shows nothing when I connect to the IP address.

Here you can read about the Pure Energie meter and these values

description is that the device leaves the following values and it matches what you describe.
Power Flow (W)
Energy Consumption (kWh)
Energy Production (kWh)

My device has software version 7.14 in EON app.

The consumption entity posts will with the Energy dashboard!

I have model SBWF4602 and version 7.2 in the app

Do you have good WiFi signal? I’m thinking it maybe did update in my case after it thought the WiFi is strong enough fo software update. I had shitty signal, my meter sits on the pole quite far from the house, so the connection was just enough to connect about 50% time. I have small shed close by, so I’ve stuck powerline wifi access point to it and now it has perfect stable connection. Otherwise I don’t know. I wonder if 7.2 is lower version than 7.14, or the opposite.

ver 7.2 is higher than ver 7.14. Haven’t found in the app how it works with software updates, assuming that you can’t control this yourself unfortunately.
Wifi coverage is perfectly ok, here is a screenshot from the app

Here screenshot from app