Add Humidifying/Hymidify as HVAC mode

I have a couple of humidifiers and would love to use a slightly customised version of generic_thermostat to control them. But there are no Humidifying hvac mode. And I can’t seem to add one in a custom component without also modifying some front end stuff. I currently use Drying mode to indicate Humidifying :confused:

Hi, I have the same problem. I already developped a control system based on ESP12F for a greenhouse which controls temperature, humidity and hours of light (indoor greenhouse); I integrate all of it in HA with MQTT HVAC but I’d prefer to have just one entity to control both temperature and humidity. From the logical point of view it souldn’t be impossible to add it, it’s enough to duplicate the temperature managing logic…
I’m not an expert of coding unfortunately, I’m more comfortable with thermo managing. How about you? are you en expert coder?