Add Intrusion Detection to HikVision Integration

After using HA and Hikvision for a couple of years, I have upgraded one of my cameras to one of the Acusense cameras. This features an option to send an ‘Intrusion detection’ event to the decurity centre (in my case HA) - but the Hikvision integration doesn’t support it. Could it be added? I had a look at the Hikvision Integration python code and noticed that a number of the motion related events result in a ‘motion’ binary sensor being created (or so I think). I would very much like to have a HA sensor which tells me if a person has been detected (certain camera issuing ‘Instrusion Detection’. The problem I perceive with the integration at the moment is that it bundles a number of events together in the ‘motion’ binary sensor, so I cannot distinguish in HA between a cat triggering the motion detection or a person doing so.
Sorry If I have misunderstood, my programming experience is pretty out of date now and I have never written any Python.
Thanks in advance