Add Keyword Search for media sources

I would like to be able to add functionality to a media-player device to perform a keyword search and display results in the Media Browser

I’ve developed a 3rd part integration for a media player which includes support for media libraries - Like similar integrations, some library lists can container a large number of return items. A keyword search, typically supported by most oem APIs, would allow users to easily find specific items.

Open to suggestions on how to implement. A simple solution maybe to

  • Add a service call to open the Front-end Media Browse Dialog with a custom search_type and search_id requests
  • Add a search filter to the existing Media browser, to dynamically filter the item list.

Both solution (AFAICT) would require changes to the core and front-end.

I would also like to see a keyword search for media-sources. That would be great for big music achrives, an also for radio-stations!

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Yep, the Media browser is rather just a shiny showpiece without search, not very practical.