Add MTProto proxy type to telegram chatbot

Hi there. I live in Russia and recently goverment has blocked telergam. So the only way to use telegram notification in HA is use it through proxy by proxy_url proxy_params: username, password as described e.g here -
The problem is that most of proxies a bit unstable, so notifications can’t be delivered when it needed. Telegram team released a new proxy type: MTProto proxy which in first more stable and in second there is a way to set up your own MTProto using VPS or Docker if needed.

The problem is that this new type of proxy has only API key for auth and not username/password as in SOCKS5 and there is no way for now to use this proxy type in HA configuration.
It seems it will be cool to add this proxy type to telegram chatbot configuration cause telegram is handy and migration to other notify platform is the last thing I would like to do.


hi to persian user
اگر می خواهید از تلگرام بدون فیلتر استفاده کنید با:
خرید mtproto پروکسی
پیشنهاد میکنم از کمیاب وی پی ان خرید کنید.

ما به شما پیشنهاد می کنیم خرید پروکسی را انجام دهید تا از یک پروکسی برای تلگرام و کامپیوتر شخصی خود لذت ببرید.دسترسی به سایت ها مسدود شده تنها با پروکسی امکان پذیر است.

Hello my friend. Any success with your problem?


Unfortunately no way
I used ifttt + telegram for now to make telegram notifications

For all the people from google who land here: MTProto would not work in this case. Telegram Bot API is a HTTP-based API which has nothing to do with actual telegram protocol, hence socks proxy and not mtproto.

Just use stable socks proxy you own (Digital Ocean will be your friend).

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This is my request too. I need MTProto proxy support in HA