Add new device to homekit

Hello guys,
Is there any way to add a device to my Home Assistant (ex. lamp), and then export to homekit without losing all the rooms and configs?


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Hi. Do you have found a way or is it really to remove the HomeKit bridge in HA and readd it (and of course resetup everything at the apple home app)?

Unfortunately I haven’t found a solution.
I think it’s Apple related, nothing we can do from HA side.

I know I’m replying to a really old thread that I came across. I was having this same issue. I found a way that worked for me, without having to remove the bridge and re add it.

I have my bridge set up with the inclusion mode set to exclude. If I add a device and go to my bridge and configure, make sure the new device is un-checked (so not excluded) it won’t show up in homekit. But if I go back to the bridge and configure it again, this time I checkmark the new device (to exclude it from passing to homekit) and submit that. I then go back one more time and configure my bridge and un-check the new device I want added to homekit and submit, it finally shows up!

This way I didn’t have to delete the bridge and re set it up! Hope it helps someone who stumbles across this like I did.

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Thank you so much, @Duff1234. This is the only place (of many) that I found a viable answer. Excellent find.