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I’m a long time home assistant user , who appreciate all the hard work being put into this project. I’m a big fan of the podcast series and it excites me to feel like a part of such a great community, event though i’m not actively taking part in development. Humbly, I put forward the following request:

This goes out to anyone with the skill set and interest to integrate a new add-on to homeassistant, from someone who would like to monitor their water consumption at home.

Theres a daemon developed to easyli connect to a wireless mbus device to extract data, github link :

It utilizes of a DVB-T tuner , like for example this one : based on the RTL2832U chip

Among supported devices this opens for communication to , is the kamstrup multical 21 water meter that gives live data about water consumption , dripping faucets and lets you know if your pipes have sprung leak. Link:

This has already been tested to work well with home assistant through mqtt , but unfortunately requires a separate Linux computer to connect the usb wireless mbus interface and install the software on.

It would be awesome to see this software integrated as an add-on in home assistant.

If there’s already any other way to get this data that I’m not aware of , I would love to hear about it.

I’m also currently looking into this, since it’s possible to read the vastly spread in Germany Ista heat cost allocator, as well as the water counter.
It would allow me to follow my heating and water cost live.

I’ve already integrated it separately via mqtt but will have a look if a direct integration is possible. Maybe via a separate docker container (

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nice to see you talking about it :), so your talking about Kerlink - What is WMBUS ? (specified in EN13757-4) integration don’t you?

They are on docker now, see weetmuts/wmbusmeters: Read the wireless mbus protocol to acquire utility meter readings - Docker

As my server sits in the basement, so well shielded by concrete, any chance to run in Raspberry Pi Nano, which would act as a remote receiver, which in turn is connected via Wifi, LAN or BLE to the sever?

That’s right!

Here’s a link to Norwegian forum discussing the topic:åler/

Some posts are in English, in the thread someone describes having successfully set up a reading of the kamstruo multical 21 water meter.

any chance that these guys drop a note here in English :grimacing: