Add ons does'n appear in the config menu

Hello, community,

I am new to home assistant so I do not know if I did something wrong or not

Installed Home Assistant in UbuntuCore (VM in TrueNas) and seems that went pretty well except for the add-ons menu in the configurations, which I can’t find. Probably I missed some config in the installation that I did not figure out it
Can anyone help me with this matter?

Any help will be appreciated

You aren’t seeing it in Settings → Add-ons? Click. your avatar picture in the lower left, and enable Advanced Mode on your profile, it should show up then.

Which version of Home Assistant? ‘HA container’ (docker) does not have the add-on store.


Ubuntu is not a supported OS for a HA with a supervisor, which is required for the built-in addon system.
There are two supported ways, HA operating system, either directly on hardware, if possible, or in a full virtualized VM or you can run a HA supervised installation on a Debian 12 installation, but you really should be an expert on Debian servers to administrate such a server. A user level experience will for sure not be enough.

Oohh ok then… Abort mission. I have to think of another solution. I will probably use Raspeberrian

Thank you all, anyways

Just a notice.
Raspberian is not considered equal to Debian by the HA software and will not be a supported system either.