Add "Reload media player entities"

Hi everyone.
I’m using the great custom component Sky Q Media Player.
Since it’s possible to define the entity in YAML and to define sources (channels), I created a python script to automatically create a package like this:

- platform:  skyq
  name: Sky
  #output_programme_image: False
  live_tv: False
  country: ITA
  #generate_switches_for_channels: true
    SkyTG24HD_100: '1,0,0'
    Rai1_101: '1,0,1'
    Rai2_102: '1,0,2'
    Rai3_103: '1,0,3'
    Rete4HD_104: '1,0,4'
    Canale5HD_105: '1,0,5'
    Italia1HD_106: '1,0,6'
    La7_107: '1,0,7'
    SkyUnoHD_108: '1,0,8'
    SkyUno+1HD_109: '1,0,9'

It would be useful to add service to reload media player entities, to avoid restarting Home Assistant