Add secondary remote switch to wired dimmable LED driver, what works?

This is what i want to achieve.
The momentary switch has a 10V signal cable that either turns the lights on/off or sets the dim level, all controlled by the driver.

Driver is a little bit wonky, willing to replace it if needed.

We want to be able control it from the other side of the room, prefreably with the wired switch still wired for ease of future uninstall.

What products would support this?

anything that may be seen by HA as binary switch ON/OFF

you just create automation in HA that makes the switches mirror each other.
ON Switch 1 makes ON switch 2 for example

Wouldn’t that just function as on/off. Short press appr. 1/2 seconds turns the driver on/off longer press increases/decreases the brightness. Will HA be able to separate the two behaviors?

I tried to break the incoming (L). But the driver doesn’t have a state memory so whenever power comes back it’s off.

The driver has a option for either a closed loop 10v circuit for control or by switched. See Pic

Not sure I understand

I smart switch reports it’s state to HA with or without load. So you can use this + automation to control another smart switch.

What occurs after power loss will be dependent on switch behavior

The momentary switch is a traditional non smart wall wall mounted switch with a spring installed so it always return to the start position. This switch has a signal wire that runs to the also non smart driver. Dependent on how long the press is it either turns on/off of changes the brightness.

I can’t hardwire a switch to the other side of the room so I want to do it with a smart switch.

What I would like is a way for a smart switch to control the non smart LED driver I guess. If there was a smart in wall dimmer maybe?

I think I solved it, I’ll replace the driver with one that can be dimmed on the primary side with a leading (o trailing) edge dimmer. I’ll then just use a built in dimmer behind the wired switch that speaks zigbee or z wave and get a switch and stick it to the wall on the other side.

You can just get zwave LED controller

I use this
Z-Wave RGBW LED Controller for LED Strip Lights. Dimmer and Repeater, 4 Channels at 5 Amps each, 720 Watts, RGBgenie ZW-1002

That will not work. I need constant 350mA for my LEDs.

I ordered a standard LED driver that is dimmable on primary. It’s hidden inside a wall behind a dryer. So not easy to get to. Are planning on moving within a year so then I’ll just leave it. The built in dimmer is easy to get to.

Hi. Are you happy with this controller? It only has 15 (albeit mostly positive) reviews on Amazon.
Thanks very much!

I’ve had no issues with it

Thanks for the quick feedback.