Add Secure Node Distance Issue

I am running Hassio on an RPi3 (soon to be Tinkerboard) with a Z-Stick Gen 5 and I am trying to get my Schlage Locks to pair. I know this topic has been talked about over and over, and I think I have squared away all the other issues, but I’m working with an issue of distance right now.

My Hassio and networking gear are all in a closet in the basement which is all cinder block. My locks are on the first floor. I think the locks are only regular zwave, not plus. I can get my switches to all add no problem anywhere in the house, but the locks won’t. I can do a manual pair if I take the zstick out to the lock but that doesn’t work bc it’s not secure.

I have read that people have had to physically move their Hassio to the same room as the lock to pair them securely. Is there any way around this? I have my RPis all rack mounted in a custom 1U rack and wiring via ethernet to my network and it would be a real pain to undo all that to take it closer and make a long ethernet cable to connect it.

Move the lock closer to the Pi to pair & then reinstall it?

I have a similiar problem, except my nuc (docker HA) is in the basement. I ended up getting an active USB cable that allows me to get my usb stick down the hall and up to the top of the stairs. This helps a lot for certain devices. This is the one I got, but if you are on an RPi3 you might get one that supports a power supply as not sure if the RPi3 has enough juice to power it.

Yes! I actually thought about this, but then in the midst of everything I completely forgot about this. Its not really all that hard to pull them out and replace them. Thank you!

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I had considered something this like, but I was going to do something USB over Ethernet and get my zstick to a more central part of my house. My house isn’t all that big so I decided to give it a go without it, and I was able to pair the furthest switches without any other devices with out a problem and they work just fine. I have a lot more switches to install yet, even though the furthest one works, once they are all in the mesh network should kick in if needed for all my zwave devices. I just need to get these locks connected. Z-wave Plus can pair through mesh, but regular zwave has to be paired direct then it can get into the mix of the mesh.