Add to Shopping List button

Hi there, My apologies if this has been asked (I can’t find anything)

I have to build my shopping list and all is working great. I was just wondering if you can add “short cut” buttons with a few pre-defined items we always use. Like Bread, Milk, Juice, etc… Above the List.

So if someone clicks it it adds the item to the list without typing it out every time.

Yes, just assign the shopping_list.add_item service to the tap_action of a button.

Im new to the please could you help with more detail.

type: button
name: Add butter
icon: mdi:cart-arrow-down
  action: call-service
  service: shopping_list.add_item
    name: Butter

Thank you so much

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If the button is too large there are other options with a tap_action:

For a vertical list use:

Or a glance card:

For both of those you will have to supply a dummy entity (you can use the same one for each item).

You could even get fancy with pictures of the items you want to add:

(use the image element)