Add Tuya Smart Breaker with RCD function (Leakage_Fault_Value)

Forgive my lack of information needed, am new to making a feature request here.

I have just installed a wifi smart breaker that works with the Tuya App. [EARU Electric Wifi Smart Circuit Breaker - IoT Smart Techs](https://Smart Circuit Breaker with RCD (Leakage Detection) function - RCBO)

They work great and provide normal energy readings in 3 phases, remote control of the on/off switch and customisable over/under voltage, leakage (trip mA settings) settings. I have been able to integrate the control of the switch and the normal Current(A), Voltage(V), Active Power (kW) reporting into Home Assistant via the Tuya integration. However, nothing other than the Tuya mobile app is reporting the Leakage Current (A) value. I installed these because of a intermittent current leak so would be great to be able to record this data in HA.

If it’s possible to also expose the other settings so all changes to the over/under voltage, leakage threshold and leakage function on/off that would be stunning!

I’m no developer so not really sure how to start - hence making a feature request to get some tips or find someone else that might want this device integrated too.

Thank you!

Hi Stu,
I am beginner in HA, however, I have a very similar device I am trying to integrate now. Therefore, I may be wrong…
I have a question and a suggestion for your question. :slight_smile:
The question is - have you been able to set the circuit breaker to cut power if over some specific threshold ? For example, mine, supports maximum 60Amps but I want to cut power at 25A. I couldn’t find a setting for this in Tuya app.
The suggestion would be to try creating some “virtual sensors” (mapped to the device reported “properties”) for the data you want to display and to create virtual switches or input boxes for the data you want to set. Then you could also use these “virtual objects” in automations. In my case, if amps are over threshold → cut power