Add Yeelight supported models

After my research and practice, there are more Yeelight models supported than Docs states.

The models should be added are:

  1. YLXD01YL/YLXD02YL/YLXD03YL: Ceiling Light yeelink-light-ceiling(1-3)
  2. MJTD01YL: Lamp yeelink-light-lamp1
  3. YLDD01YL: Light Strip (Chinese version) yeelink-light-strip1

Meanwhile, MIJIA published a new Bedside Lamp with WIFI&BLE support, which made by Yeelight indeed. So I have positive attitude about adding it to Home Assistant.

Also, I still keep updating all XIAOMI Ecosystem supporting details at Google sheets.

The reason why I didn’t PR directly is that I think there still some work to be done:

  1. Add auto-discovery function;
  2. Add one class in Right now, yeelight component divides devices into 2 categories. One is white, the other is color. While the devices like Ceiling Light and Lamp, they are not colorful of course, but support color temperature feature. So maybe a new class sitting between white and color is needed.

It seems that there are many contributors for this component, so I am quite confused whom to speak with. I choose to open this topic to discuss it. I’m delighted to offer help on integrating these devices.

these work well

For E27 bulb, I guess model is YLDP02YL, which is already added in the docs page. If not, do you know it’s detailed model?

not to hand, but there is no reference of asnything like YLD…

will postlater

This one - Xiaomi Yeelight Children LED Ceiling Light - YELLOW wan`t work, not visible on HA or in logs.

Any news if this one is supported with HA?

Yes, it is supported with HA in WIFI mode. Just like other Yeelight products.

Hi @nikno

I have 2 and both are compatible as i told in this link: