Adding Broadlink RM4 Pro to Home Assistant

1, Connect the RM Pro to the broadlink app and update the firmware to latest version. Later we will remove the RM4 from app again

2, go to broadlink app select your new RM pro, click the three dots so you will get the settings , under device info copy your MAC address 24:df:a7:e4:xx:xx and Device IP 192.168.1.xx ( you will need these for later to add in to the HA

3, log in to your router and reserve your IP and MAC under DHCP Static IP Configuration
( if you don’t do this, if you restart the router, HA will not picked up the RM Pro)

4, install the smartir via HACS copy and paste this

And follow the configuration as below link for air conditions.

5 this is how my configuration.yaml

#broadlink RM4 Pro Master Bedroom
  - platform: broadlink
    friendly_name: Master Bedroom RM4 Pro
    host: 192.168.1.xx
    mac: 24:df:a7:e4:xx:xx
    type: rm4_pro  

#Master AC with Rm4 Pro    
  - platform: smartir
    name: Master AC
    unique_id: master_ac
    device_code: 1063
    controller_data: 192.168.1.xx
    temperature_sensor: sensor.temperature
    humidity_sensor: sensor.humidity
    power_sensor: binary_sensor.ac_power    

6, then go to lovelace and add the thermostat card and select your entity mine is master ac

7 if in case you cannot control your AC still don’t worry just remove the RM pro from broadlink app by clicking delete device and reset it by inserting a pin in to the RM Pro - I had to reset 2 times. ( with RM4C and above models once locked to the cloud cannot use it locally. so we need to remove them from the broadlink cloud.

8 Then reconnect to the App only to connect to the wifi router.
9 restart your router - restart your HA ( check your
Configuration validation)

Went looking for this today in HACS and it’s not there for me. Any ideas why?

You should add the github URL als a custom repository in the HACS menu on the right.

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I’m looking to link may Kaysun airco to an RF bridge. The boadcom RM 4 PRO looks a good candidate but is it supported ?
I’m also wondering if it will integrate completely with hassio.
I have 4 airco units is that a problem ?