Adding custom card in yalm mode

I am trying to use the custom button card in the lovelace front end. When I tried to download just the *.js file, I got a 404 error. I did clone the git hub repo into my www folder, the folder name was created as button-card-master. At this point I’m not sure how to point to right area from lovelace-ui.yalm. Thanks in advance.

Since you seem to be having issues installing the card manually maybe you should look at getting HACS working and install it via that method.

Did you read this?

The .js you want is the one from here, btw
Building it from source is possible ($ npm run build with node.js installed), but shouldn’t be necessary.

If I transition to HACS to I need to move from YALM mode to UI mode?

As I follow the instructions for HACS:Installation, in the initial config section, it states to click the (+) button in the lower right portion of the page, and scroll down and find HACS; however HACS is not in the list. There is an open issue in GitHub, opened two days ago. Any thoughts?

YAML. The word is YAML

LOL thanks

Fat finger mistake – I created a folder named custom_component rather than custom_components.

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that’ll do it

You didn’t indicate whether you figured this out or not (tho I think it was implied…) but no, you don’t need to change anything in regard to your frontend configuration method. The two are completely separate.

Were you able to figure out how to install HACS yet?

Yes, it has been solved, I believe by correcting the folder name. However it isn’t abundantly clear, the difference between integrations and plugins

Plugins are things that interact with the frontend (UI). They are things like custom cards, entity rows, etc. Those are Lovelace things.

Integrations are custom components that interact with the backend. They are the equivalent to the integrations that you find under the “Integrations” link on the main HA website. The difference is that they aren’t officially included n the HA core installation.

It’s not very well explained.

Thanks, that helps a lot

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