Adding Custom Repository For zigbee2mqtt - Not Compliant?


Setting up new Home Assistant Blue, and migrating each component from my old docker install on synology NAS. Now to deal with Zigbee.

When I follow instructions to add zigbee2mqtt it simply does not work.

HACS → Integrations - Custom Repositories →

Add the source -
Set type as “Integration”

Then I get this error:

Repostitory structure for v1.21.1-1 is not compliant

I’m guessing this is a problem with the repository and nothing at my end?

Thanks in advance

it is not a custom component, so not for HACS.

Supervisor → add-on store → 3 dots in the corner → repositories

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Thank you!!! Simple as that - you’re a star.

Still getting my way round Supervisor / HACS vs dockers on my old system. Assume repositories were in HACS - didn’t realise also in Add-On Store.

Thanks again. +1 on the learning curve.