Adding device info with Zwave2Mqtt

Hey all,

I’ve got a Fibaro Motion Sensor that is being detected, but the device meta data isn’t. It’s type=0801 id=3002, which looks exactly like the the 3001 as far as I can tell except in the AU/NZ region.

So I downloaded the openzwave from GitHub, pushed the extracted contents up to /etc/openzwave, made the required changes to the manufacturer XML file. Updates the config path in the zwave2mqtt settings.

It’s still not recognising the device type though. I’m also not particularly confident it’s actually reading the config files. If I specify a config path of /etc/openzwave and restart it all seems fairly normal (though not populating data for my device), if I specify /etc/openzwave/config (which is the subdirectory the manufacturer XML is in) the log output fills with a bunch of “downloading file…” messages where it seems to be downloading files that already existing on the file system. It takes a few minutes and zwave doesn’t start until it completes. I quick scan of the filesystem and it doesn’t appear to have updates any files.


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I’m not sure I can help, but can say the Zwave2MQTT should have the “Config Path” pointing to the directory where the manufacturer_specific.xml file is (along with all the other device specific sub-directories"). My only other suggestion would be to save then remove zwave2mqtt’s ozwcache file located in its store directory, and restart zwave2mqtt.

Any chance you know where (or how to find) the cache Is? I thought it was meant to be somewhere in /opt but that’s completely empty.

It will depend on where your main directory of zwave2mqtt was setup and run. store sub-directory is just one level below this and the cache file is in the store directory.

Apologies for the potential noob level questioning here, but it’s the first time I’ve had to get into the internals and manually tweak stuff like this.

A couple of things things I’ve discovered since that hopefully gives someone smarter than I a clue to what’s wrong:

  • There’s no zwcfg* or store files or (sub)directories anywhere based on trying to do find / -name for each.
  • I’m using the Terminal & SSH add-on which has me wondering now if I’m actually making all these changes inside a container and not where they actually need to be.
  • I’ve only just realized that even the manufacturer is showing as unknown (unknown id=010f), even though that’s the correct ID for Fibaro and they’ve had devices in there for a number of years. So no I suspect something else is up completely. FWIW my ZME and Aeotec devices are being matched fine.

Any suggestions on what I should do re next steps? I’m just fumbling aimlessly atm hoping something works, and not being very successful at it.

Following up on my own replies now :wink: I don’t entirely know why, I assume it’s something to do with the container setup and how/where things are mounted, but moving the openzwave directory from /etc/ to /config/ appears to have fixed the issue.