Adding Light to Home Assistant main page

Hi All,
trying to add a light to the main page. Following my configuration.yaml. My target is add a new card to my HA’s main page to turn ON/OFF the light (sonoff tasmota firmware). MQTT correctly configured already.

What’s wrong?


Shift lines 109 to 116 two spaces to the left and retry.

Just eyeballing, looks like a lot of tabs / spaces. Maybe reduce indent 109—116?

you’re the MAN! finally works! how can i add another in the same card? Thanks

Use a horizontal or vertical stack card. Or my preferred option the custom vertical stack in card (I prefer it because it supports titles).

this entire thread is very confusing…:confused:

the OP’s initial words asked how to add an entity to a card on the frontend, but the picture was an incorrect configuration of a light component.

then when the light component gets fixed the OP asked how to get another entity into the same card. There was no card “solution” talked about at all. How did fixing a bad component solve the question of adding that component to a card?

And btw, to the OP you shouldn’t post pictures of your config to the forum. you need to post the actual text of your config using the proper format at the top of the page.