Adding NUE/3A RGB Downlight

I have just tried setting up a new NUE/3A Smart Homes RGB downlight (HGZB-DLC4-N12B)
zigbee2mqtt reported it as not supported (1.8.0), it reported as Zigbeemodel:NUET56-DL27LX1.2

Doing a search led me to which is for ‘NUET56-DL27LX1.1’

I switched to the edge version, as the 1.1 one is supported, but it still reported as not supported
Searching the net I found how to add a devices.js file to zigbee2mqtt startup options, after a little trial and error I got it to report successfully in zigbee2mqtt

        zigbeeModel: ['NUET56-DL27LX1.2'],
        model: 'DL27LX1.2',
        vendor: '3A Smart Home DE',
        description: 'RGB LED downlight',
        extend: generic.light_onoff_brightness_colortemp_colorxy,

It shows up in the logs as

{"ieeeAddr":"xxx","type":"Router","networkAddress":34126,"model":"DL27LX1.2","friendly_name":"xxx","manufacturerID":0,"manufacturerName":"3A Smart Home DE","powerSource":"Mains (single phase)","modelID":"NUET56-DL27LX1.2","hardwareVersion":1,"softwareBuildID":"1.0.2","dateCode":"20160422","lastSeen":1579159412881}]}

But hassio still did not discover it, it seems I need to edit ‘homeassistant.js’, but I’m running hassos with hassio, and cannot see how to edit that file ?

So I can sent it instructions via mqtt manually (on/off/rgb color, brightness 1-255 looks to work))
I’m having issues trying to figure out the values for color temp (156 looks to be default)

MQTT publish: topic 'zigbee2mqtt/0x00124b001d2050ba', payload '{"state":"ON","linkquality":157,"brightness":255,"color_temp":156,"color":{"x":0.3125,"y":0.3333}}' 

Ok I have it fully discovered and working in hassio now (my changes to homeassistant.js did not persist)

How did you get this to work. I have Pi3 and just an image of Hassio on it. I got as far as putting my new unsuported device in Devices.js but cannot get HA to recognise as an entity so that I can use my device in automations ect… What did you do?, do you know where the homeassistant.js file is?

Many thanks

Same, keen on understanding. Z2M reports mine as LXT56-LS27LX1.7 but they’re really unreliable and all these red boxes with errors pop up in HA in Zigbee2MQTT.