Adding Reolink cloud camera to HA

Hello, is it possible to add a Reolink camera over the internet to HA ? I would like to receive doorbell-pushed events from an external Reolink doorbell camera at a different house. The setup is a vacation home with a Reolink doorbell, a LTE router and HA on a RP4. Similar setup for my normal residence. Both HA installations are on the HA app as different instances. Both homes have different dedicated domains for Cloudflared integration. How can I get the vacation home doorbell event in my ‘normal’ home HA so I can sound Alexa speakers ? I do get notification on my phone from the vacation home, but how can I get the info into my HA ? Thank you very much.

You could send and receive notifications via telegram.
You might find some info in this thread: Setting up HASS to receive commands form Telegram

That is quite an innovative approach. Thank you for this idea. It sounds great and I will look into it to make it work. I didn’t even know this is possible.

As I no longer use node-red, I changed my solution, using the following Telegram blueprints instead: marc-romu/home-assistant_blueprints: My blueprints for Home Assistant (

Marc-romu is great at providing support if one gets stuck.