Adding ZHA Map to Lovelace Card

There is a way to add the ZHA map to a lovelace card instead of go to settings - integration ecc?

Thanks a lot

There is still the custom component and lovelace card, so those might still work for you, but I can’t say whether those continue to receive any updates (or if they even work with the integration built in now).

As an alternative, maybe you might like Zigzag. It doesn’t seem very configurable to me, but it does seem to work properly with current ZHA.

I’ve just installed Zigzag and is, in my opinion, much better than the native ZHA visualisation. I like the way you can move nodes and they stay where the are put.
Thanks for the heads up

If you want to use the original visualisation, you coud use panel redirect:

You can find the path in the addressbar in your browser

- name: panel-redirect
  url_path: redirect-zha
  sidebar_title: ZHA Visualisation
  sidebar_icon: mdi:zigbee
  module_url: /local/panel-redirect.js
    target: /config/zha/visualization?config_entry=f2a9aaaa8ca942d0afff21b51c8c58ef
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Thanks a lot for everyone :smiley:
I will check Zigzag and the redirect