Adding Zwave & Zigbee to kill off Smartthings


I’m fairly new to HA but id like to ask for some advise please.

I have a Smartthings deployment with around 50 devices, a mix of ZWave and Zigbee.
When first set up HA I used the Smartthings integration which works very well but the constant outages on Smartthings and their very poor support and product development is making me consider a full move across to HA.

But to do this I need ZWave and Zigbee capability on the HA which I run on a PI 4. ZWave looks straightforward with the Aeotec Gen 5 usb stick, but I am totally confused how to add Zigbee and which product /solution is best to use in the UK.

Can anyone advise what they have done, maybe to do the same re Smartthings or what product they use to set up a zigbee solution.

Any help is appreciated . thank you.


I use the Conbee II stick for my zigbee network with the deconz add-on and integration (instead of the built in ZHA). I use zigbee for 99% of my sensors, with a few bulbs thrown in to extend the mesh and make it stable.

Highly recommend the conbee.

Doesn’t matter where you life, ZigBee uses the same frequency everywhere, not like Z-Wave.

Can also recommend the ConBee II running 60+ ZigBee devices for over 3 years rock stable.

Thanks for the help. I have seen the conbee II does look to be the defacto standard .

So will try and see where I can buy those in the UK.

Andy have you been able to source a Conbee 2? In December I was going to order 1 at about £35 I recall. Courtesy of Brexit (I would assume) it is now £89 …

Hi Brian

No I haven’t yet as I am still testing out the use of HA automations in particular the use of presence with the alarm panel. Had quite a few issues with iphone presence so trying Life360.

I did look for the Conbee II and found Amazon was around £89 but when I googled I found it at an electronics supplier I’ve used before in Germany and it was approx. £45, but guess what ? That supplier no longer ships to the UK … Brexit !!!

So I’ve decided to keep Smartthings in use as the Zigbee and Zwave controller and via the Smartthings integration use HA for automations, dashboard etc. Down side is still relying on cloud connectivity for the ST integration, plus side is its cheaper that a Zwave and Zigbee sticks, well for the time being anyway.

Once the markets fall out from brexit reduces I am hoping the prices will reduce here and availability elsewhere will be better.