Addons greyed out and won't start

I migrated my HA installation from one Raspberry Pi running off a memory card, to another with an SSD:

  1. Backup original Pi settings.
  2. Flash SSD
  3. Boot number 2 Pi
  4. Restore backup from original Pi to number 2 Pi.

It all appeared to work seamlessly, but all the addons are greyed out. If I try to start an addon the red button stays red and it won’t start - but the log shows that it has in fact started and is running. I’ve tried reinstalling an addon, but it doesn’t make any difference - the whole page of installed addons is greyed out and none of them start.

I’d be grateful for any suggestions, please!

Looks like it’s OK now.

I’d had lots of addons on my original HA setup, but many of them I’d disabled. When I restored the backup to the new HA installation, they all became enabled - including the network and cpu ‘killer’ AdGuard, which I’d tried but disabled. This meant that enabling all the addons brought the system to its knees.