Adguard 107.30 going silent? 4.8.7-4.8.8

The weirdest thing here.
There is an update for the Adguard addon from 4.8.7 to 4.8.8, and this brings adguard to 107.30
If I update that, it doesn’t respond to DNS queries at all, I just get a timeout.
I tried updating my standalone RPi with AdGuard as well, and that did exactly the same.

Has anybody else seen this, any idea why it does that?

I have experienced the same thing, everything looks ok within Adguard but it was not blocking or obeying dns rewrites.

After restoring a backup from Wednesday morning (AdGuard 4.8.7) all is ok now.

It’s official, the 107.30 is pulled, and a new version is out

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Still broken for some:

(including myself).

It must be specific for RPi4, I’m running one on an old RPi2, and that works fine… (have a secondary as plug in on HA, that works as well, but it’s an Intel Nuc)