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I started using the AdGuard Home addon over the weekend, and first I have to say thanks to @frenck for a fantastic contribution to the community. Very well executed integration, a master class on how it should be done.

I was just curious as to what others are seeing for the ‘Average Processing Time’ ? I’m running on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with 100K queries per 24 hours and 33ms average processing time.


Hi, I’m running a NUC8i3 and currently have around 10 ms with 40k queries, 200k blocklist rules and a block rate of 25%.

Made a few adjustments over the last week, so with 100K queries per day, 120K rules and a block rate of 25-30% average processing time is currently 6.5ms

what adjustments did you make?

I went over the logs and noticed a couple of regular DNS requests that would be resolved to my gateway IP. I made DNS rewrite rules for both of these which return instantly. I also noticed that my search domain was being appended to FQDN names to that were being blocked.

The search domain is supposed to be appended to requests that have no dots… eg. My search domain is, so when performing a DNS lookup for nas what actually gets looked up is However, often when a DNS request is blocked by AdGuard another request is immediately generated with the search domain appended to it. eg. is blocked and another request is generated for

This causes a DNS request to be sent to the upstream server which returns with my routers public IP. This then cases the matching requesting to be sent to my router which then causes the requesting page to hang waiting for my router to respond, which it never will.

So, to stop this I added a custom DNS rule :


These two things brought down my processing time significantly. Currently this varies between 6.5 and 8ms.

The biggest performance impact however was on the pages making the bogus DNS requests. Before adding the custom rule these pages could take up to 30 seconds or more to load. After applying the rule all pages now load instantly.

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Were did you add this rule?

Can you please share more of your config because I have 81.495 rules, 19,400 queries and a block ratio of 8.08%
And my average processing time is 66ms

So I would like to know how you get yours so low…

Add the rule under Filters -> Custom filtering rules

Under DNS settings I just have one HTTPS provider setup (CloudFlair) plus DNS for my local network.

I just installed Adguard Home and my processing time is around 140ms

Do you have the following under DNS settings?

Is there anything else to adjust that would improve the processing time?

Reviving this old thread. This information was very helpful but I had to modify a little to get it to work for my environment.


The first entry blocks anything with *.local suffix. For example mycomputer.local is blocked.

The second entry blocks *. * For example is blocked. However, will be responded to (if in your DNS rewrites or on a public DNS provider).