Adhan automation (أذان التلقائي) using Home Assistant and Google Home Mini

ok. Thank you @msahar again. One overview page it shows just one entry:

But when I go to Configurations and then to Automation, there are I see two automations and from there I can trigger manually as I check. Both trigger okay. I was wondering why on Overview both are not listed. Any idea?

perhaps reboot your pi and then see. It should appear automatically.

No luck. But anyway, it is okay as long as the system actually works. Thank you.

Thought I would share with you or someone could get a hint from it.

I needed to edit the entities card to add a new entry :slight_smile:

Thank you.

@msahar. I am back :(. It seems it only worked for yesterday. It did not work so far for Fajar and Dhur azans. I suspect that it is because that following dates did not update? You have any idea why it could fail to update? Does your data updates on daily basis? Do You think I need to restart the Raspberry every day?

Sorry for all of the questions.

I guess these values automatically get refreshed at midnight. If not, then the only way to get it correct is to restart your home assistant.

Yes, my data updates on a daily basis. I am using Hassio OS. First, I tried installing home assistant on raspbian but faced multiple errors. Then I tried Hassio instead of raspbian. much easy to control, update and fix problem :slight_smile:

Yes, but indeed a painful solution. I suggest you installing Hassio OS instead of using raspbian especially if your raspberry pi is dedicated to home assistant only.

Thank you very much.

Salam alikoum, thanks first for taken time to explain in details how to make athan through google home . From my side I followed all your instructions , but I didn’t get it work, when I trigger the athan i can listen to athan which is a good sign, but the automation didn’t work. i checked google home, restart it many time, restart home assistant many time (I’m using hassio and Raspberry Pi 3 ) but no way. I return to this forum to get some help and clue to fix the issue as I tried everything without got it work.
Thank you in advance

Brother Thanks for the guide, It was easy to follow and I was able to setup.
my only issue now is if i change the calculation_method from mwl to isna in the configuration.yaml file it doesn’t work. what i need to do to change the calculation method.

wa alikum salam. plz show me screenshots of your automation.yaml, configuration.yaml and sensor state (Developer tools -> States) for further investigation.

Please show me screenshots of your automation.yaml, configuration.yaml and sensor state (Developer tools -> States) for further investigation.

thanks Bro for following up; I attached what you requested for, hope you find something wrong in my code.



This looks OK. However, you need to change the value of elevation from -1 to 31 in your configuration.yaml file

You have not posted States picture in full. Scroll down and you will see more adhan sensors below. Send the screenshot of those values/sensors.

Salam Msahar, I got your point, I attached all stat pages.

your sensors state show that they are not updating automatically. Can you see if there is any upgrade for HassIO?