Advanced Slack notifications with alerts

I am fairly new to HA, but very experienced with administering Slack and building Slack integrations.

I have been using the alert platform with Slack notifications to create actionable Slack messages. Here is an example:

name: "Test Switch On"
done_message: "Test Switch turned off"
entity_id: input_boolean.test_switch
state: "on"
  - 1
skip_first: false
can_acknowledge: true

  - slack

  username: Tester
  icon: ":test_tube:"
    - type: section
        type: mrkdwn
        text: Test Switch left on
    - type: divider
    - type: actions
      block_id: input_boolean.test_switch
      - type: button
          type: plain_text
          text: Turn Off
          emoji: true
        value: "Turn Off"
        action_id: input_boolean.turn_off:input_boolean.test_switch
      - type: button
          type: plain_text
          text: Ignore
          emoji: true
        value: Acknowledged
        action_id: alert.turn_off:alert.test_switch_on

This creates 2 buttons: one to ignore the alert, and one to turn the switch off. I am using the webhook automation to receive these payloads and perform the actions accordingly. That all works great. But I do have one dilemma: The data block is sent to the notification platform for both the initial alerts and for the done message. Because Slack will render the blocks over the plain text message, the done message looks like any other alert.

Being a novice at Python, I thought I’d take a look to see if there is an easy solution to this. I don’t see an obvious way to send a different data block for done messages, and the template system dosnt seem to have any variables to help me know if I am in the “done” condition when firing.

Any thoughts on this one?