Advice for hooking up this PPA wifi relay for driveway gate?

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to get this product integrated into home assistant as its one of the last devices left in my house: PPA - Conforto com Segurança

It uses a dedicated app and I don’t see an integration with home assistant. Are there other manual methods to do these types of integrations? I’m not an engineer, but I can follow guides and do my own troubleshooting, generally.


Unless it has documented api likely you have no way to connect.

If you can send command directly to device from PC you can make work using Command line integration or another method.

The app communicate to device and send the command so you need to know how it does this. Maybe ask vendor, search web or watch connection in witeshark and look at app to device communication

Thanks for the response! My phone isn’t rooted for Wireshark and I’d prefer not to root. Any other way to sniff the communications that you know of?

You can use wireshark on separate device.

I used PCAPdroid to log my network activity while opening and closing the gate and then sent it over to Wireshark on my laptop. It looks like it’s all encrypted, unfortunately.

One person suggested flashing the ESP with ESPHome, will look into that.


Not realize it using esp
That is #1 solution