Advice: Managing many schedules for many lights

Looking for some advice from the community here:

I have a bunch of lights that I’d like to put on schedules. Some of them are simple “on at XXX, off at YYY”, and others are a bit more complicated “on at sunset + 10 minutes”, “off at 7:00 but only on Sunday”, etc.

Right now, every schedule is its own automation, with some rather unwieldy names like “Weekend Downstairs Lights off morning if no one is home”, etc. Everything works just fine, but managing it is a bit of a pain. I’ve tried prefixing the automation name with a fixed string so it groups them ("[schedule] [downstairs] lights off in the morning on weekends if no one is home"), but it’s still quite a pain to deal with.

Does anyone have any clever solutions for keeping these all neat and tidy? To be honest, I’m not sure what I’m looking for, but I’m interested in hearing what others who have 50 or so schedules do to keep them organized.

I’d probably encourage you to look into AppDaemon or Node-Red, as one of those options will give you the ability to reuse and repurpose more of your code. So, for example, instead of having 50 separate YAML automations, you might have a couple of AppDaemon classes that just get called in different ways.

Another thing you could take a look at is Schedy, which itself is built on AppDaemon.

I haven’t really gotten around to trying out AppDaemon, but Schedy looks pretty cool. That might just be the push I need :slight_smile: