Advice on Doorbel, door lock configuration?

I am just starting with HA and home automation, so I am a real newbie :wink:

Please some advice on the following use case:
I want to start my home automation with a door bel, door camera and digital front door lock.
Scenario: if somebody rings the door bel, I want to receive a notification on my phone (iphone) and see who is in front of the door through the camera and then open de door through a push of a button.

Which components (camera, lock, door bel) should I buy to realise this? (or how to select the correct components?)
I read/looked at the devices but get lost, sorry. Please some pointers on where to start to realise the above?


I had cheap $40 2mp cam at front door + wired doorbell to RasPi GPIO.

When push doorbell HA sent Notification with image

-html5 notification
-ffmpeg camera
-binary sensor (GPIO)

If doorbell OFF to ON, trigger html5 notification w/image

I now have ring and do same but trigger notification with both Ring doorbell push and Ring doorbell motion

-html5 notification
-ffmpeg camera
-binary sensor (GPIO door open/close state)

If Ring Doorbell Sensor OFF to ON
If Ring Doorbell Motion OFF to ON, trigger html5 notification w/image + โ€œopen door?โ€ Action

I do not use ring camera image because it take several minutes (at least 2) to provide updated image. I only use ring now do to bell location no longer attached to home and Ring wifi made this easy (quick). I preferred cheap camera and it was more reliable.

Could you please give me some more details, like:

  1. How do you pass on the doorbell OFF-ON to HA?
  2. How you capture the camera image with HA after the doorbell trigger in HA?

A1. GPIO input on raspberry pi. Doorbell act as switch. It actually donโ€™t ring bell anymore.

A2. FFMPEG takes in camera input and HA can send last snapshot made from video on request

I will link to A2 notification later