Advice on moving from breadboard to production

I am not sure if this is even the appropriate category or if this is even a HA question. But I am looking for suggestions on how to move forward with a prototype irrigation controller that I have created. My system is a controller to replay my Hunter irrigation system for 9 zones. It is comprised of.
2 - Nodemcu controllers
1 - 4 channel relay board
1 - 8 channel relay board
2 - AC power adaptors to power my nodemcu’s.

I have all of this working right now, on a my workbench and couple breadboards for the nodemcu’s. I am wondering how to put all of this in a self contained box or container. Do I mount these to a wood board or what. Sorry, I searched but did not find any posts that offered any ideas.

This will depend on what is available, the skills you have and weather this is just for home use or intended to become a retail product.

For me if for home use i would design an enclosure in cad and 3d print it. The all the components would wired together with solder joints. But then i spent my career producing prototype electromechanical stuff, and i understand this may be difficult for many.

The minimum would be all components fixed to something. Wood fine. Then properly soldered connections.

Thank you. I don’t have access to any cad or 3D printer resources. I am pretty good at fabricating though. This is just for personal use and will be mounted in my garage next to the Commercial Hunter controller which is what runs my sprinkler system right now. Cant wait to be able to control/view my irrigation system from my phone.