Advice on power meter zig bee devices

Hi All

I’m super excited about the latest update for power.
Now I’m looking for some help on how to monitor my power usage.
I’m looking for an in wall/behind switch power meter, to be able to monitor things like:
Electric stove, fridge, freezer, washer and dryer.

Currently I have solar with a battery on breaker for these devices but would like to monitor them individually.

I’m based in Australia, not that I think that makes a difference.
So just after some guidance/advice on what devices I can buy.

I just need the power metering, I don’t need it to be a switch because these device will always stay on and my preference is for a zigbee module?

Most of the stuff I’ve found it switch and meter but also want ease of use for setup.
My setup is also pretty basic so I still fairly new and don’t want to buy the wrong thing.

This is what I’m looking for but a zigbee alternative.