Aeon Labs garage door controller

Got my Aeon Labs garage door controller wired up today and it is working with HA.
But I got a couple of sensors in HA when I added the controller which are not changing state, so I believe that something is wrong.

The sensors:

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FWIW I find that sometimes my z-wave devices don’t always report data for a while after a reboot. I can go for hours sometimes with no data before I start seeing it in HA.

I opened the the controller with ozwcp and got the same values, so they might be real. But I don’t understand why they are there when the value never changes.

I found a manual that explains how to turn off the sound:

But how do I set the parameter to “Value4=0”? The parameter shows 167905281 now.

Did you have success getting the aeon labs garage door controller to work? How’s it functioning these days with the latest hass + ozwcp builds?