Aeon Labs ZW056 Doorbell 5 Paired, Plays Nothing

I’m having an issue setting up new Aeon Labs ZW056 Doorbell 5 devices. I have 5 of these devices. I set one up about 5 months ago just fine. I am in the process of moving a large SmartThings installation (~400 devices) so I only moved one as I was doing a bunch of proof of concepts.

I use the doorbell as an alarm only, so I don’t use the push button remote. I have the first one working fine. I’ve been able to pair the rest of them to the system fine also. However, for some reason when I format the drive in the doorbell, and put files on there, nothing plays. I can confirm messages are being sent as the light on the doorbell lights up when I send a play command. I’ve also set the “80: Notification Status” to “Hail” per some other threads.

I’m doing different sounds which is why I did the format on them. That said, I have one of the other ones besides the original that I paired and tested with the old sounds before formatting and it worked fine. All I did was format it and now it plays nothing. I even put the old sounds on (as I know these work fine) and it still doesn’t work. The file system I used on the Mac to format was FAT (went as FAT16). I also tried formatting on Windows, same result.

They all have the same firmware version.

Any tips?