AEON Labs ZW095 Home Energy Meter Gen5

Hello I have an AEON Labs ZW095 Home Energy Meter Gen5 to see consumption. The HEM is configured like this :
Parameter 3 [1 byte] = 0 //disable threshold value
Parameter 101, 102 , 103 [4 byte] = 1776399 //enable all sensor reports
Parameter 111 , 112, 113 [4 byte] = 30 //set all sensor to report once every 30 seconds.

sensor.aeon_labs_zw095_home_energy_meter_gen5_power show me for exemple 805.29W

I use this utility meter for the daily cycle

    source: sensor.aeon_labs_zw095_home_energy_meter_gen5_power
    cycle: daily   

But I have at the end of the day a consumption of 171837 W --> 171 KW !!! This is not normal !
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I have this sensor to in kwh but it’s cumulate sensor
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Hello I try to use utility meter with the sensor grid power of my solar inventer. A chance for me the solar inventer give me also the dialy yield.
But the utility meter daily for the grid power give me : 10027 w and the dialy yield of sma give me 2080 wh
I think utility meter doesn’t work but why ???