Aeon micro switch

Hi guys,

I’m a complete home assistant newbie. Got stuck adding the first z-wave switch… :smile:

Have a Aeon micro switch, it’s been added however only as a sensor. So I can track V, A but not actually turn the lights on/off.

Running on a pi with the z-stick gen5.

In HA I can see multiple devices named "Aeotec DSC18103 Micro Smart Switch (2nd Edition) ". V, A, W, kWh + previous readings.

Probably a easy solution, but I haven’t managed to Google it. Any suggestions on how to identify it as a light switch? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any help.

Edit: I just realized I might have to set up a security key… Not sure how to know if a device requires it or not but will try and see if it solves it.

Edit2: worked after setting up a security key.