Aeotec Dual Nano switch status reporting after toggle


I’ve got some weird behaviour happening with my Aeotec dual nano switch I’ve recently installed, which also matches the behaviour a colleague is seeing with theirs.

When I toggle one of the loads/switches the physical switch change happens as expected but in the logs and subsequently in the home assistant ui often the opposite happens.

Say the light is off, and we go to toggle it on.

ZWave log shows toggle being sent, Light turns on, ZWave registers an updated value from the node (that it is off), HA represents the light as being off while the light is on.

I believe I can get around this by turning on polling on the device, but it seems like there is some config missing I can set to get this working more as expected? Endstate I want to disable the load control and have it just work as a trigger for toggling the zigbee lights it’s controlling but I can’t do that if I can’t rely on the state declaration.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?