Aeotec temperature sensor (ZWA039) not loading in ZWave JS UI

I have added a Aeotec temperature sensor (ZWA039) as sensor. It works flawlessly on ZWaveJS. It responds like it should. Everything is ok.

I however noticed it’s on firmware 2.0.1 so I wanted to update to 2.0.3 and tried it with ZWaveJS UI, but it will never load the device info. So I can not update it. When I manually wake up the sensor by pressing the button, I only see for error logs in the log: DRIVER Dropping message with invalid payload

The driver info is never loaded. Does anyone here have any idea, how I can fix this?

When a device is working fine, avoid the temptation of updating the firmware. As you may find yourself with a device that no longer works fine. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

Battery powered sensors can be hard to update as they may go back to sleep before the update is done.

True. You have. Point there. Thanks.

When I upgrade this device, I first move it close to the ZStick, otherwise not much happens when starting the upgrade process. I have upgraded it to fix a couple of issues, but yeah I don’t always upgrade.

I understand.

The problem that I have is that the sensor does not pass the temperature for hours. Even when the temperature dropped. Also noticed that the battery suddenly dropped from 70% to 40% in less the 24 hours. I noticed that there are updates for the battery.

However, ZwaveJS UI, does not even recognize the sensor. It’s says it’s manufacturer is uknown. Firmware update will not work either. Followed the instructions on the the Aeotec page, but ZwaveJS UI instantly aborts the update.

I’m wondering if the battery has already died?
One thing to try is to place the device near the ZStick and in ZWaveJS-UI for that device, click on Advanced then Re-interview Node (one of the possible reasons it shows as manufacturer unknown is that ZWaveJS has been unable to do a full interview). If ZWaveJS fails to reinterview the device, then likely the battery has died.

Hmmm ok. That could be the problem. I have ordered new batteries. :slight_smile: Hopefully they arrive soon, so I can test it.

Off topic: just got a notice from ZWaveJS, about a new firmware for the sensor. Pretty cool. Always thought I need ZWaveJS UI for it.