After 0.96 upgrade all IKEA Tradfri devices gone

As per subject - after upgrade to 0.96 all my Tradfri devices are gone (bulbs, outlets). I can see them in the list of items in Integration (tile view), but none shows on the entities list on intergration list or in developer tools, states. In Lovelace all these items are grayed out. Groups containing these lights shows as unavailable. Can control using original controllers or IKEA app (so gateway works). Restarted IKEA gateway and hassio few times in different order, but no change. Any idea?

Some update; Tradfri works again… In ingenious moment I thought about rebooting the host, not just restarting home assistant and presto! All devices are back! Iinteresting though why it makes difference?

Did not work for me, I had to delete and add again the integration.