After adding encryption the status shows offline for quite a few devices

I have quite a few devices like powerplugs, they usually use the 8285 board.
I’ve set up different encryption keys for each device, but it behaves really badly, a lot of them are showing as offline in ESPHome, and I see some errors like " BAD_INDICATOR errno=11".
As far as I can see the devices are still available inside HA.
Am I supposed to use the same encryption key for all the devices?
Currently I’m recompiling all, and removing the encryption from them, as it seems to make the API integration unstable.

You don’t HAVE to use the same key for all devices. You certainly CAN use the same key.

I was going to tell you to reload the integration but see that you are actually having trouble with the addon. So that won’t help. It will only help if the device id unavailable in Home Assistant.

Have you tried:

  1. Clearing your browser cache.
  2. Restarting the ESPHome addon.

Yes, I have. It seems to me that the later revisions have begin to have problems with the hidden ssid I use, and then the encryption on top of that.
Oh, and also, if we use Noise for encryption, why does it load bearssl?

Compiling /data/serverroompower/.pioenvs/serverroompower/lib67b/ESP8266WiFi/BearSSLHelpers.cpp.o
Archiving /data/serverroompower/.pioenvs/serverroompower/libaf0/libHash.a
Compiling /data/serverroompower/.pioenvs/serverroompower/lib67b/ESP8266WiFi/CertStoreBearSSL.cpp.o

The ESPHome addon is behaving really odd here in regards to the ‘offline’/‘online’ displays.
When I start it, it shows all devices as offline, then after a few seconds, all of them show online, then the next time I go to the addon, a lot of them shows them as offline (not all of them)? I have all the mdns stuff sorted with all the nasty bits needed, and if I click on log for the individual devices, the log shows up, so it can connect to it.

This is normal:

The rest isn’t.