After changing configuration.yaml/reboot of HA how to get integration to display?

I’m trying to add a Honeywell thermostat (RTH6500WF) to HA and following this help guide:

I changed the configuration.yaml file, and restarted HA

So, the question is, where do I find this integration so I can look at it? What are next steps?

Ok, I figured out the problem

I was so focused on the Configuration -> Integrations screen, that I didn’t think to look at the Overview tab and my thermostat is showing just fine.

I’m super new and this was my first integration. I was confused at first because HA “discovered” my thermostat - but incorrectly assumed it could just connect to it. (my model doesn’t support the pairing id that HA thought I needed) and I found the link above.

So - no problem per se, just that I was looking in the wrong menu for it.

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