After restarting HA, the "energy_cost" sensors are reset to 0

After each restart of HA, HA resets the sensors “energy_cost” to 0 and the collected energy costs are gone.
Do any of you know what mainereiner is doing wrong, other than not restarting.


αυτό είναι ένα αγγλικό φόρουμ


ohne info was das für sensoren bzw. wie du diese in deiner konfiguration eingebunden hast, wird das schwer…

en ook ik vind dat je gewoon in engels moet schrijven



HA sets up the information itself. The whole thing runs on Raspberry Pi and the HomematicIP cloud provides the sensors.


It should not, but you don’t give any information about how you configured it. How can we help without information ?

It is installed on Raspberry Pi and the data comes from HA. I enter a static price in the Energy Dashboard and HA then calculates the kwh.

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