After restoring from backup, CPU utilization is >25% all the time

I installed Proxmox, then HAOS under it, took backup of HAOS that was running on PI4, shut down PI4, moved Sonoff adapter to the proxmox host, configured usb pass-thru for bluetooth and sonoff adapters, restored HAOS from backup. Everything worked fine, all devices are available, I just needed to update IP address.

One thing I noticed that now CPU utilization for a VM with 2 vCPUs is constantly running >25% busy all the time. This is on Dell 3050 micro with i5 4core CPU.

Preveiously average utilization on PI4 was about 8%.

How can I find what is causing the CPU utiliation?

A process is spinning 100% CPU. Use top via terminau to spot it.

Actually it was a problem with DNS and NTP servers.