After UpDate HA Core 2024.7: Cannot open Developertools and Settings for: Automation & Speech-Ass & NFC-Tags

After Update for HA Core to 2024.7 & 2024.7.1 I have also massiv problems regarding opening the sites for:

  • Developer tools (all)
  • Settings site: Automation and scenes
  • Settings site: Speech Ass.
  • Setttings site: NFC-Tags

Yesterday I had problems with Energy-dashbord since Core-Update on wednesday,
which are solved last night by a fix by the developer of iCloud3 integration.

My System is running on a NUC with the following SW:

  • Core. 2024.7.1
  • Supervisor 2024.06.2
  • Operating System 12.4
  • Frontend 20240705.0

What can I do, instead of clean installation?
It looks like a system crash? What has gone wrong?

Backups via Samba Backup add-on are available and actual.