After upgrade, only overview works

I’m trying to figure out where to start. My setup is to use the official docker image on Ubuntu, which proxies through Apache. This setup was working fine prior.

Recently, I upgraded HASS (official docker image) to 0.72. At the same time as the upgrade, I also added a new zwave switch and zwave tilt sensor (I had many other zwave switches prior to that). After those changes, the only section of the web gui that works is the “overview” section. HASS has been working fine for months previous to that. Everything behind-the-scenes continues to work fine (automation, location tracking, etc).

The icons for all of the other sections (maps, history, logbook, etc) are missing and clicking on any other section just leads to a spinning loading circle. In the chrome dev console, it shows a 404 error for the url “http://myhassurl/undefined”. The same issue occurs in Firefox.

I tried to trace the 404 error through the javascript, but wasn’t having much luck. The home-assistant.log file doesn’t show anything interesting. I don’t think the “docker log home-assistant” log shows anything interesting, but there’s a lot there. I already tried downgrading to my previous version (0.70.1), but the same issue occurs.

Seeing as no one else is complaining about this, I’m assuming the issue is in my config somewhere, but no errors about the config are logged. Where should I go from here to troubleshoot further?

try clearing the cache on your browser. that’s bit me before a couple of times.

I appreciate the suggestion, but it didn’t work

Have you checked the status if the HA service? I assume it’s active because the automations are running?

Tried to delete your docker image and reinstall it yet?

Ya, the service itself is up and fine. The overview screen is fully functional.

I’ve re-pulled the 0.72 docker image and even tried downgrading

what exactly do you mean by “overview”? Do you mean the default main view? And all of the desired entities are showing up there?

Yes, the default main view. On my screen it’s called “Overview”, which I assume is also the default name. All the entities show there and they are functional.

And then I assume you have different groups that are defined as ‘views’ (tabs) that aren’t showing up? Not trying to be dense, i’m just trying to figure out exactly where your problem lies and that we are defining terms the same.

if all of the above is true then it might help to post your group.yaml file or post the group: section of your configuration.yaml if you haven’t split you config up yet.

No, I have no additional group tabs. The sections that are not working are all other sections other than the default view. So sections that don’t work are “map”, “logbook”, “history”, “configuration”, and all the developer tools.


so you’re talking about the stuff in the side panel that gets opened when you click the 3 lines at the top left.

it might help if you restart your HA service then wait a couple of minutes then post up the entries from the home-assistant.log in you config directory.

We’re getting close to the limit of my knowledge and therefore, being able to help. Maybe something in the log might prompt an idea tho. And if anyone else is watching they might be able to chime in.

the only other thing I can think of right now is to comment out your entire zwave: section in your config temporarily and restart to see if that might be causing issues since that is the only other thing you changed.

Ya, there’s nothing of interest in the log files. There’s the one IPv6 error that’s always been there and sporadic communication errors with my kodi devices, which have also always been there.

I guess I’ll have to go through the config commenting things out to see if there’s a particular section it’s choking on. I was hoping for some utility to parse the config files and check them or something. Thanks for the help, I’ll post back in a few days after I’m done combing through the configs.

good luck!

Hey. I have the exact same problem. Did you find a solution ?

There must have been something wrong in the config files. I backed up the config directory, cleared them, and manually recreated them, copying section by section back in. I never did figure out exactly what caused the issue, but it’s working fine now

I just had this issue after upgrading to 0.80.3. I had to upgrade zeroconf separately after a warning during the homeasssistant upgrade process. The answer was simply to close the tab on the Chrome browser and start it on a new tab.